The Products listed on this page are only a short list of the Products available at Kenwalls. 

We also Supply Ventilation Systems for Commercial use including Schools, Auditoriums, Gyms, Warehouses & Factories.


A compact, high efficiency polycarbonate roof vent, designed to operate effectively even in light wind conditions. Available in a range of 16 popular roof colours.

This aluminium wind driven roof ventilator combines classic design with high tech features for guaranteed long lasting performance. Available in huge range of 26 colours.

The Whirly Mate is the perfect addition to any roof mounted ventilator. The Whirly Mate allows controllable ventilation of the air within living areas. In summer the unit can be opened to allow ventilation and in winter it can be closed to retain warmth.


A clear acrylic head provides high efficiency ventilation and allows natural light to enter the roof space – great for attic storage spaces and sheds!

A three speed powered sub-floor vent that removes stale, damp air from beneath your house.

The Roof Valve is a low profile static roof ventilator that allows nominal ventilation of hot or moist air from the roof space, with out the need of wind or power assistance.

Edmonds latest powered roof top ventilator, developed to meet the cooling and drying needs of residential homes.

The Vent-A-Room system draws air from a room within the home and exhausts it directly through a roof mounted vent. Air movement can be controlled through the adjustable ceiling register.